Seasonal Essays

Our traditions can hang our grief heavy next to joy on the branches of the tree.
It is necessary to take time from even the things we love
Let me tell you what happens only in these months of transition
How a line from Mary Oliver changed the course of my path on a cold November night years ago
The hardest part of growth can be creating the space for it to begin
I wait for the frost as if it makes the endings clear not just in the garden but in myself.
Even if I wander these paths in the garden every October of my life, they will never be exactly as they are now.
The trees shed their old selves so easily... even if it isn't as easy for us, what does it teach us?
Planting in the fall is a commitment, belief, and hope in nature’s rhythms.
Cultivating creativity is an art form all its own
Sometimes veggies can speak their own language when words aren't enough
Sometimes the detour is where the story begins