How to Pay Attention

The different types of weather are subtle but they offer us a way to not just pay attention to nature but self
We are shifting just like the landscape. It is time to turn our attention to ourselves.
The frost on the landscape shifts the color palette for a brief yet important moment
The soil under us has a lot to say if we know just how to listen to it
The frozen blooms even in their death hold seeds for what will come in the spring
The shifting patterns of the weather are simply preparing us for winter
Breathe in and out....what do you notice?
The food that simmers in our pots and is chopped on our cutting boards is a guide to the cycle of the seasons
The shifting light and the low blue clouds are a guide to our emotions when transitioning
The shifting of the color of the leaves and how it creates space for us to listen and learn
The sounds around us are shifting this is how we pay attention