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Nature has already written the playbook of how to live on our planet. Learning to pay attention to what she is teaching is where it all begins.

Through the years, writer, teacher, and gardener Megan Gilger has spent time with hands in the soil, learning and listening to the rhythms and whims of nature on her 15 acres in Leelanau County, Michigan.

In 2016, Megan left the world of being an influencer and consciously chose to return to a life aligned with her ethos and values to bring the world closer to the soil again. Megan has taught gardening on her platform, Fresh Exchange, for years after being a lifestyle blogger. The consumerism world that coincides with this sort of career didn’t align with how she wanted to be an example to her children.

Megan felt called to land home in Leelanau for years. When it finally became possible, she and her partner, Mike, made it their home with their 2 children, 2 dogs, and chickens. In the wake of this change, she reconnected with the seasons and rhythms that made up her childhood in northern Michigan. Over time, the Eastern White Pines boughs spoke lessons on her daily hikes and skis in winter. The garden healed the past loss and grief of her grandfather, who left too soon. The stars spoke of her place in the world. Her reconnecting with a life with nature allowed her to see how the seasons have a lesson to teach us about how to live in even a modern and damaged world.

Through the Seasons was begun because Megan wanted to connect the lessons she has learned and is learning as she navigates the complications of being human in our modern world while making it practical and easy for anyone in the world to begin their own journey to do the same.

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Megan Gilger

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